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This is the place to ask any and all questions about know, the ones that come to mind in the middle of the night, after a band camp, during a rehearsal, while you are driving, when you are on stage trying not to lose your place in the music...
Any question on any percussion topic is welcome, and it doesn't matter how long you've been involved with music or percussion. Your question is important and submitting it here will start a quest for an answer that will help not only you, but possibly others, too.
For example: Ask questions about snare drum, timpani, triangle, cymbals, tambourine, xylophone, glockenspiel (bells), chimes, marimba, bass drum, tam-tams/gongs, sticks, mallets, learning your part, percussion notation, The Mystical World of Conductors (and why they are so misunderstood), (and for directors...) Why doesn't my percussion section watch me? (hint: perhaps you are misunderstood see prior question), whistles, ratchets, cowbells, car horns, brake drums, vibraphone, multiple percussion, castanets, shakers, rattles, drum repair...or anything else about percussion.
And remember: Just because you've asked the question here, don't stop searching on your own! This is just one source of information. Ask directors, teachers, and others in your musical world what they think. One of us might have the answer that works for YOU!
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