From Michael Wright:
I'm having trouble finding heads that fit my 10" requinto and 11" quinto. [he's talking about 2 sizes of conga drums] They have traditional hoops instead of comfort rims. How does one stretch their own conga head?
I've put two links here in my answer. The first is to a webpage with an excellent description of how to change a conga/bongo head. It's a pretty straightforward process, but one that might take a little practice. It used to be that everyone would need to replace skin drum heads regardless of the type of drum-concert drums (snare drum, bass drum, timpani), drum set, etc. They all had a "flesh hoop," where the skin wrapped around, and the counter-hoop (what is usually called the "rim"), which held the flesh hoop/head onto the drum. Many professional orchestra players still use skin heads for their concert drums, but because of their ease of use, durability, and inexpensiveness, most players use the plastic drumheads (coated or not) that we commonly see. The time the average player is likely to encounter a skin head (let alone change one) is when playing tambourine, or in the case of this question, when playing conga drums and bongos, which still generally use skin heads. The other link I have here is to a conga discussion forum (one of many out there, I'm sure). As with most activities, you can search around on the web and find a community of people interested in the same things you are. Some of the information you find will be valid, some not. Use caution. Get second opinions, etc. Thanks for the good question. Enjoy playing.

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